What is UDIGI?

We are a marketing consulting company providing best-in-class marketing services to professionals and small businesses. UDIGI stands for “Your Digital”, because now it’s all about your “Digital Self” in terms of both personally and professionally in this new digital world.


The digital transformation had already been started, but it is amplified drastically by the pandemic, as everything has been changed so fast that we are now seeing at least five years of transformation came true in a single year.

We have gone almost all digital for many businesses and it changed the way we live our lives. The digital footprints of ourselves, and our businesses became much more prominent in this new digital era.

For that reason, it is now more than ever important to have a proper end-to-end digital establishment for your business, regardless of its scale, and UDIGI exists solely for this reason.

What makes UDIGI different

For years, digital was just “another channel” in the media mix, struggling its way to get its fair share of spend within the campaign budgets, racing with other above-the-line and below-the-line channels such as TV Commercials, Out-of-Home applications, radio spots, magazines, newspapers, etc. It was even considered a positive indicator of digital transformation for a long time, having a digital spend above the industry average. What we had in those days was easily manageable via an inhouse dedicated team, or a digital agency.

As of now, with the boost of the pandemic rushing the digital transformation, there are multitude of disciplines, technologies, and skills to master in digital, to deliver an end-to-end digital marketing service. For this reason, the conventional marketing agency approach started to struggle to have all those traits in a single house because, each area of expertise requires years of mastery, which could neither be thought in schools, nor acquired via trainings.

UDIGI is a marketing consulting company which combines all these disciplines together by associating with the best-in-class experts and agencies in their field, each with their cutting-edge specialties around the world. UDIGI utilizes this network of expertise to deliver best possible digital service ensuring an unmatched customer experience.

What our clients say

"Outstanding service. Very professional, will work again on other projects."

"Delivered exactly what we needed. Very easy to communicate."

"Great service. Thanks for the service and good communications."

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